Our firm Özer Limited Liability Company which started to activities in 1988 officially, in fact our firm started to activities as Mevlüt Özer firm long before that.Our firm expands and improves ever day with knowledge and experience given by long years.Our firm known as "Forum" by taking the brand registry rights when the firm has been founded.

All Our brands, models and patterns is registered at Turkish Patent Institute.All processes like weaving, knitting, raising, twisting ... etc. are sustained in our constitution and factory which is at Ikitelli from past to present.Our company based on domestic production as company policy.All products that you see in our website are domestic productions.

We have selling wholesale from goods all over the world since our firm has been founded.usa,European Union,Arabic Countries,Russia,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan are foremost among these.Additionally our company sells products to brands that is worldwide known or famed in Turkey.

Our firm always delivers the quality with more affordable price as predicting on-site manufacturing.